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Message for crabs you have beat nobody.

So I'm sure the following clubs are happy to hear that they are nobodies:

Philadelphia Freedom

They played Breakers once last year and lost 3-2
They played Diamondbacks once last year and lost by 4

Other than that, there is no team that Crabs has played and not beaten.

I would hope Crabs beat everybody if those birthdates in another thread are accurate. You have half of a 2021 team. I feel confident if half my son's team moved down and played on our club's 2023 Team they would lose a game either

Half? 8 kids may be half a team, but it is 80% of the starters. There are lots of Crabs kids that never see the field also. Eight 7th graders posing as 6th graders is a huge advantage.

I'd be surprised if Diamondbacks, Hawks, or Cannons (county clubs) could compete with those DC and Baltimore teams with that many overage kids.