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These dads obsessed with the Crabs are funny. I've seen club lacrosse for a long time and you guys have no perspective.

Until the Crabs teams become 7th graders, they aren't as dominant as the talent is spread out. But every year, more and more top kids try out for the Crabs.

I have no idea who is the best 2022 team out there (and who really cares?) But you are a fool if you don't think the Crabs 2022 team will be immeasurably better now that it is a MS team. Other kids will try out, some kids will really improve/grow and some kids reclass.

You can hate them, but you have no idea what you're talking about.
. We know exactly what we are talking about. Crabs 2022 could be better for 2016/2017 simply for the sole reason they will be loaded with holdbacks. Some of their 2021 players will drop down to 2022 while others reclass. This is the way the POS Ryan M runs his cesspool club. The holdback bs starts around 6th grade but Ryan M really gets it in full gear with 7th grade. And you are exactly correct, many, mostly all hate his organization and RM simply because of his cheating and gaming the system. But, ask him how his 2020 team did the past spring/summer. That team was loaded with holdbacks and some double holdbacks and several mostly on age teams beat them. But just keep on believing Crabs is the top program if that keeps you happy.