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Why does every club make it mandatory that your kid has a US Lacrosse ID number? Because of the insurance it provides your kid. So with that comes power. What US Lacrosse needs to do is add a stipulation that their insurance is only covering players who participates in US Lacrosse rules based tournaments. So now if your kid gets hurt in some NLF tournament their is no insurance and maybe now the parent whose kid gets injured can sue the tournament for injuries occurred by a player 2 years older!! Do you want to see how fast everyone conforms then!! Insurance is too expensive.
Money talks!!

2 years older is a stretch for this age group. boys all grow at different rates. Might be time to find a different sport for your kid to play. What excuse will you have for them in High School . 03 and 04 b-days are well within the rules of ALL leagues and 2022 tourneys. So enough of the cry baby chatter because you are a sore loser. EVERY single 2022 team is the same. whether they have 1 or 5. they are 12 and just kids. BIG and SMALL.