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Common knowledge that Mark Millon runs around showing videos of kids who have had penalties against his kid or other kids on his team...The guy has pretty much alienated the entire lacrosse community with his stupid antics

Beware of his tournaments....Just sayin...If you have a penalty against his kid your child will be ejected from the tournament...Matter a fact rules state that you can't play defense on his kid....

Watched hit on Twitter.

Looks like a cheap hit to me. Not even an effort to actually break down and play lacrosse. Kid knew he was bigger and probably older so he took a cheap shot.

The kid was penalized for the hit. Was it necessary for MM to then post it on his twitter stating that this is what is wrong with youth lacrosse? Did he have the kid's families permission to post a video of their son his twitter? If he was so concerned about his son that was hit and possible concussion issues, why did he put him back in the game? You know the answer to that question.