All teams lose a game at some point. I don't have a dog in this fight, but why the hate towards this one team? You seem eager to point out their couple of loses over the past year. Looking over the standings, wasn't that RR loss their only one all season in two leagues? No one wins them all. 12-year-olds, man. Not machines. Lighten up. It's all good. [/quote]

I agree, but don't tell me, tell them. They are the ones who panic over a loss....any loss...They achedule film aessions if they tie a team while playjng hftime of a Navy game.

Everybody knows each down here, including the coaches. Somebody (s) is going to be the scapegoat. Go to their game vs 91 Saturday and playoffs sunday....if they lose this weekend, you might see a whole bunch of new kids or some getting benched.

This is what happens when you tell all your cronoes since September that your team won't lose a game all year. [/quote]

Dude, you sound like sour grapes. Just fyi... as teams get more competitive, kids do get cut. And, if there is a loss, someone isn't going to start, and someone is going to get less playing time. That's the nature of club ball. What do you expect? Club teams are trying to put together the best team they can. It's not rec! Stop making coaches who are doing their job, trying to win and get kids to improve, out to be the bad guy. Maybe help your kid improve. Make him be accountable. If your kid was cut or didn't make it on a certain team, that's too bad. It stinks. But I'm sure there's a place for him. You need to get over it, and stop bad mouthing. It's probably trickling down to your kid and affecting his attitude toward other kids and the sport.