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So rumors spread that RR were disinvited from tourney and MM refused to play them in Hoco which sounded like major overreaction to some. So RR dad, it was the other way around and BR pulled out? If true, good to know. RR has a good team and shame to see their rep suffer. Hope all coaches on all teams will teach these young boys from mistakes made so the game stays tough but played safer at rhis younger level.

Agree. What tourney are they saying they pulled out of? It was RR who began the "crusade" against him and began to behave like toddlers. Alot of annoyed club owners simply because there is another option in town. Search MM on the internet...20 years of successful camps, clubs, training, partnerships etc. One of the few lacrosse players who were able to successfully create a business out of their passion and last more than a year or two. People keep going back to his clubs and camps as they are quality products. Project 9 anyone? Nobody has trained more young lacrosse players. So he is not a teddy bear of a personality but he clearly knows the sport and is working toward making it safer for kids when nobody else has ever tried and in doing so has become a bit of a target. Many families stand behind him for what he is trying to do and perhaps if people actually stopped and tried to work together for that objective instead of vilifying the messenger, the sport would be much more enjoyable for all kids. But instead Hoco and the refs dig their heels in because they do not like someone questioning the safety of the sport for young players.