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Let's clear something up about the holds back we are not talking about the ones from prefirst or little kids. We are talking about the ones from 5th, 6th' 7th and 8th graders that switch schools to get reclassify as they say it.

It is semantics...Prefirst or holding back in 5,6,7,8 grade is still the same. It is keeping your kid back a year. If your child is born in August and doesnt move up from kindergarden to First grade ..and does a prefirst year instead..He is being HELDBACK a year. He may be only a month older than a September kid in grade before him, but he is 12 months older than kids born in August that moved up to First grade.

Call it what you want ''Holdback, Prefirst,etc"" it is basically the same. And Parents have a Right to do what they want..But Youth sports shouldnt bend age restritions due to this.