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Holdbacks are born before sept1 2003

They are not. A holdback is a reclass. It is a kid who repeats a grade -- usually eighth grade -- for non-academic reasons. It is for the purpose of gaining an athletic advantage. A child who holds off beginning kindegarten because he has a late summer birthday is not a holdback. Ask any kindegarten teacher: he or she will tell you that boys are better off waiting if they are a late summer birthday. You might thing: what difference does a couple of months make. Well, it makes a tremendous amount of difference. If you know anything about development or have ever taken an developmental education class, you would know this. Particularly in the modern classroom where kindergarten is what first grade used to be. Students are expected to be reading! This is why pre-first came about in private schools. Kids simply are not ready for the rigor of the curriculum when they are months younger than classmates. It gives parents the prerogative of waiting until the child is ready so that they do not fail from the beginning. If you do not have the option and are not a private school person, you can opt to wait to begin kindergarten in public school if you are a late summer birthday. Do some research about school readiness. Any kindergarten teacher will agree it is advisable. And don't even get me started about a co-ed situation. Boys are typically a full year behind girls in readiness and maturity.