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I do not get it. If a family decides to holdback a child, why is it a huge advantage? A child on age may be 9 months older than a child in their grade. No one is complaining about kids who meet the cut-off being 9 months younger than the September birthdays. It's splitting hairs. All of these kids are going to be in high school and playing against athletes 3 or 4 years older. The way I see it is parents are placing too much emphasis on youth sports and need to realize it all balances out in high school. The unfortunate side is that there are stigmas placed on the child. So, leave the kids out of it and just encourage your child to do his best. No matter who he is facing. If there is a glass half full: They are getting prepared to play in high school.

If you dont know that there is an advantage in a child being the oldest kid out on field with children under 15 , there is very little hope for you?? Why do these select children get to play down??? Why doesnt EVERYONE and EVERY CHILD get this advantage?? Why just these select heldback kids??
Spare me that the Strawman about poor children and the stigma.. Many parents hold their child back in kindergarten for an advantage, whether its for academics or sports....pretty simple..
And if you want some blame ..it sure isnt the public ..its the parents who elected to holdback their child for an advantage,,Blame them..
And dont tell me I dont know what I am talking about..I have two boys in private and one that already graduated. its a joke all the kids that are heldback in the MIAA schools..