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Coach from team 91 won't play rough riders because his son got hit. So they change the schedule for him. Diamondbacks play rough riders and team 91 plays cannons... What a Baby

The current rules in Hoco and the way they are applied by the refs are not designed to protect YOUTH players. Wish all coaches would do a bit more to keep the kids safe or challenge the status quo a bit. Maybe we would not have teams of holdbacks at the 2021 and 2020 level despite the rules; maybe fogos would not be flying in from Florida to participate in only some games despite playing for a high school team in Florida which is also against the hoco rules that are ignored. There may be better ways of handling this particular issue but any kind of criticism or request for rule enforcement or greater ref awareness goes unanswered in hoco and it is a coach' first priority to protect their players.