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Crabs will continue now and in the future to have the oldest age players. It is the MIAA kids team of choice ( not All I know)
and the MIAA are where the holdbacks/prefirst are.
Pretty sad to have kids playing down even at 9 and 10 years old, but it is what it is.
This is a new one.....Crabs playing kids down at 9 and 10.....You are an idiot...Crabs does not start until the 5th grade....dumbskee....

Oh missed it by a year! Last years 2023 Crabs ,which most teams oldest players should be 11 years old playing against the Crabs 12 year old players playing down. And we can go up in teams and ages till we get to some of the double holdback Crab players 16 years old playing against 14 years old players. Is that make you feel better??
Since you want it right, how about putting the birth dates of your Crabs team out here, It would clear up all the misunderstandings. We all think the Crabs organization have the most children playing down in age of any organization in the country?
..I guess you need an excuse why you these kids are so good... Wrong but Whatever works for you....