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by Hold backs do you mean kids that have late birthdays-late Aug-Dec and their parents and EVERY TEACHER ON THE PLANET believe starting school the following year for boys is the right thing to do. When they are 4-5 years old .. Im sure those parents thought real hard about SPORTS when making those right choices for their child. unlike the poor choices your making in excuses for your child. Good luck with that when he becomes gets to high school or college playing against kids 3-4 years older then him year after year.

your comments again make you look stupid and your organization . By the way has a kid bigger than any player on any team at this level. Yet your on here stating that every other team is cheating that your son as faced this year. Comical all around.

Dont know what you are talking about "Again" . First time I have posted on this.

But I can say this about 'Your Comments" . You sure have no idea what you are talking about, and you sure arent involved in any MIAA school. Anyone born before Sept 1 in Maryland and decides to not get in his class of 20whatever with all the rest of his peers is being held back..GOT IT . Doesnt matter if it is a made up grade called prefirst, its holding your child back a year.Every parent has a right to do what is right for their child. No one is debating your Strawman.

Now in public schools it is rarely done in Maryland but it is done. But in the MIAA schools it is done on a regular basis.
In my sons class over half the boys were held back. Do you understand that. OVER HALF HELD BACK. My other sons class was a little less than half.

These parents know the drill. The Private schools have been holding their kids back many many years.It was actually a well keep secret even in Maryland as it didnt effect anyone outside of private school. Private school Parents know the drill and dont want their child being the youngest. SO THEY HOLD THEM BACK..
And many are for SPORTS and ONLY SPORTS.. GOT THAT..Of course some arent.

You talk out your butt and havent a clue. I could easily give you some prominent sports people who have held their child back. And they weren't SUMMER children. So spare me you stupidity.