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Dude, you sound like sour grapes. Just fyi... as teams get more competitive, kids do get cut. And, if there is a loss, someone isn't going to start, and someone is going to get less playing time. That's the nature of club ball. What do you expect? Club teams are trying to put together the best team they can. It's not rec! Stop making coaches who are doing their job, trying to win and get kids to improve, out to be the bad guy. Maybe help your kid improve. Make him be accountable. If your kid was cut or didn't make it on a certain team, that's too bad. It stinks. But I'm sure there's a place for him. You need to get over it, and stop bad mouthing. It's probably trickling down to your kid and affecting his attitude toward other kids and the sport.

I agree . This is 2022 Club not 2030 rec teams. I am the assistant coach of a top elite 2022 Club team and am Very disappointed in my team.I have a HUGE problem with these 11 and 12 year olds and their shortfalls.

I have seen to many unforced errors by them. Concentration is lacking sometimes with their passing and catching. No excuse for this.
And if I have seen 1.. 12 year old I have seen 10.. 12 year olds not get up for a big game. Frankly it is totally unacceptable in my world.
When will these young men start taking the game seriously as I do? Why dont they like watching films ad nauseam like me??

I have already informed just about entire team that how do they expect to go D1 with their cavalier attitude. Do they think with this attitude they will ever get a shout out from Ty??

What really boils me up is a lost. I see no remorse or agony in their face, They seem to move on with no problem and want to know which way to the playground.

At this point I am not sure what to do. My screaming, yelling, threatening doesnt seem to be working!! Maybe cut a few players from the team while the rest of their buddies look on! Make them accountable for their fellow friends getting cut..Maybe that will wake them up to the real world of Elite competitive 6th grade lacrosse.