Hoco Playoff picture is shaping up. Top 5 teams will make the playoffs.

3 Undefeated teams in Hoco (Diamondbacks, Crabs, Hawks) and could stay that way since they don't play each other. The 1st tie breaker is the winning percentage of the opposing teams. Hard to say who's opponents will have the best winning percentage. It could wind up that the 1 thru 3 seeds will be decided by how Hoco scheduled the games and not on-field performance of the teams.

Besides the top 3, FCA, 91 and RoughRiders are 2-1 and will likely take the two other playoff spots.

Crabs have 91, FCA, & RoughRiders left on schedule. Hawks have RoughRiders & FCA. Diamondbacks have FCA & Cannons. FCA has a tough couple games ahead.

Bethesda, Madlax, & Storm are 1-3 and need some help to make the playoffs.