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[quote=Anonymous]My kid plays for api 2022 and the daddy ball is out of control. The whole situation is embarrassing.

Well.. I am the head coach for api diamoandbacks and hide behind no curtain. This is cowardly and I want you to just walk up to me on the field and say " I am the one that posted this about daddy ball".. I guarantee you don't have the balls to do it.. cmon ...you know where I will be, man up, or get your wife to do it. I will be at the field early waiting if you want to see me. probably don't have what it takes. Sad... hide behind an anonymous name. COWARD, BTW lax is a small world and nobody wants you on a real team if you can't handle it. Just be a man for once!

When you don't see us at tryouts, you probably still won't know who said it because we aren't alone in making alternative plans for next year.