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I love how Maryland has the largest kids. It's really amazing that the biggest kids play lacrosse. You would think they would play basketball...oh they are 2 years older than everyone else with no athleticism, so yup let them push everyone around on the lacrosse fields. What a joke!

Your in a maryland thread [lacrosse]! Get off the thread and leave the state if you and little Johnny can't take it.

2 years older in the 6th grade? Seriously ? [lacrosse] clowns like you are that are out to hate on kids is a joke..

He was just using some sarcasm to show that Maryland Lacrosse along with a couple other holdback areas have become a joke. Most areas including Maryland send their biggest and best athletics to the money sports. Basketball,football, baseball. But somehow MD sends its giants to Lacrosse. LOL.. Holdback most average to decent kids a year or two and and he transforms into a good player in youth sports. Nothing like dominating younger kids...LOL .. Got to give credit to MD parents. It is ok to holdback your kid and play down as everyone is doing it now!! LOL..