Obviously these big checks and hits are part of this great game! The illegal ones need to be dealt with immediately on the field and on the sideline from the coaches. Targeting and Intentional hits the player needs to be thrown out of game. These are rare occasions at any Lacrosse game at any level .Older, younger, bigger ,stronger and faster, thats why I played and my children play. Its certainly not to bash children or parents that held back my kids classmates at kindergarden or 1st grade. because it was the right move for their child. or even just folllowing guidelines set by the school system.Or to post videos of 12 years hurting my kids in a tough game. And demanding rules to be change or to get some love on FB.

calling out children on here specifically is just plan gross. everyone sees the video or bad check or hit during these games. Advocate for better safety rules and more experienced refs on the field, easy to do and welcomed by all Commissioners and US Lacrosse .

everyone also can see and knows whom you whacko parents are , the sideline tells all..your friends tell ALL..