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Hawks got better this year with holdbacks. Take away holdbacks they average at best. HC kid is a holdback add 5 more to the mix you have a good team. Take away holdbacks again average at best. Don't believe in holdbacks why do Hawks players play up in football and basketball because it is age not grade base. Give me any good 5 holdbacks and put a true 2022 team that team becomes great.

hawks have barely changed there squad in 2 years, if you are up on the teams around maryland. Holdbacks are on every team including yours which is perfectly legal in the 12 year old world of lacrosse.
Take your son and go to another state and see if it is any better. I assume your son doesn't play basketball at this age where so called bigger kids are often the youngest kid on team. as is the case for the teams you bash on here. your ignorance is speaks volumes about your envy.