On that day the MPLL was playing NCAA rules. I've watched the video several times in slow mo. The offensive player get's inside of his defender and then opens his right shoulder to take the shot. The midfielder drops down to slide and initiates contact with his left shoulder to the offensive player's right shoulder. The force of the hit turns the kid clockwise and he hits the ground. Clearly not in the back. Close to high. That and the fact it was a bigger kid vs smaller draws the flag as all youth refs are told to err on the side of caution. However under the NCAA rules there should not have even been a foul. The ref off screen threw the flag. The ref in the video who had a perfect view hesitates before reaching into his pocket before realizing the other ref bailed him out. He saw what I see - which is a legal hit under the rules but one we don't want in youth games. MPLL changed rules to make the hit illegal under 3 step rule. Still posting on social media and calling out the kid and coaches is a doucher move. Did MM know what rules he was playing under before the season?