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The bottom line is 2022 teams are packed with good teams . It's a very tuff league this year so all teams will be good for summer tournaments . We should support all Maryland teams for summer tournaments . The talent is good and we should be happy because the kids only get better with good talent .

I agree many good MD teams. And many good on age players too. I do wonder about the NY teams coming down here to MD tournaments with their grade based teams. There starting school cut off age is DEC 1 if I remember right.

Might be hard for them to swallow getting beat by teams much older then them. Especially teams with kids that are heldback, which could be older by over a year or at least 4 to 8 months.
NY teams were usually a little younger than MD when NY went by grade and Md teams by the U?? . Wasn't that big a deal due to little difference in age and NY usually brought good teams down here. Will be interesting tho to see what they think.

If this board is any indication...It wont be a good reaction to playing against Holdbacks!