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Just checking but didn't the Hawks lose to the Cannons (2x), Breakers, Madlax and the Crabs last spring? These 2 new kids from the cannons must be big difference makers. Do they play defense or offense?

Hawks 2022 record last year was not good, but here is how it played out - there was only one game they lost that couldn't have gone either way.
Hawks over Club Blue 11-3
Hawks over Bethesday 10-4
Cannons over Hawks 8-2
Hawks over Next Level 13-2
Breakers over Hawks 6-4
Madlax over Hawks 8-7 (OT)
Crabs over Hawks 6-5
Cannons over Hawks 8-7

Hawks went on to win Young Guns, beating Diamondbacks 6-4.

As you can see, their record did not show how good they were. Look at the scores.

Do you think the 2 players will make that big of a difference? Looks pretty even except for the Cannons game.

One of the Cannons games. It was an off day. Kids have them. This team plays as a team.