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Agree that it was a cheap hit but so was the hit his defenseman put on the Hawks kid. BS that he will put the video of his kid being hit and write an article about safety in lacrosse but does or says nothing to his own player when he does it. And surely he will not bring light to the hit as another example of what needs to be cleaned up. He should not throw stones from his glass house.

You have no idea what was said or not said to his own player with the Hawks hit. You are only pissed because his Twitter account actually gets viewed and all the other dads accounts have 12 followers. If it can change the way these kids are being taught/allowed to play the game, then publish away. Again, you have no idea what is or is not being brought up so stop taking your envy out on an anonymous board, you have a problem, pick up the phone and call the man or better yet, contact him through the Twitter account you seem so familiar with. Other parents of non 91 kids are okay with someone pushing for rule changes in youth lacrosse - these are little kids- not high schoolers. Those who can actually play the game and do not rely on hitting are glad someone is stepping forward.

With all this talk about players unchecked, was curious with what tactic most would use in the situation of an unchecked aggressive player making cheap shots at your team over and over. If officials arent calling anything but a 1 minute releasable penalty if that and opposing coaches calling it a legal hit what are you to do??

Many years ago the solution would be retaliation with your biggest guy. Or have fastest shooter pluck him with a shot. Something along those lines. Basically show the brute that there are consequences. Now a days that is not a option it seems.

After a while most players and coaches get tired of watching your teammates getting flattened or possibly hurt without repercussions.