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Of course You can not cut and paste it ....it does not exist. Plenty of RR families (and a few coaches) that would be happy to share but in checking your facts, there was no such email sent to the club.. Sensing a pattern..."I was not there, so can not repeat." " Would cut and paste but BR would not like it."

You are absolutely clueless. Obviously you have no connection to RR or you would have received the email that BR sent out explaining why we were no longer playing in MM's tournament. Initially RR was going to the Corrigan tournament in Richmond instead, but decided to limit the travel and play in Lax Splash. You are making yourself look stupid to anyone that actually knows what happened. You keep defending MM all you want. Maybe you can help out his home life too!

not a fan of his club but the last remark is uncalled for. grow up

Completely out of line!

The guy definitely needs to grow up. His poor son and whatever team/organization he is with. Public opinion is turning against your crusade and you are helping MM every time you post!

National Hall of Fame
MVP World Games,
2x MLL Offensive Player of the Year
ALL PRO NLL 1st team
2x NCAA 1st All American
Umass Hall of fame
FiL Hall of Fame
MLL Hall of Fame
NLL Champion
25 years teaching lacrosse Instructional camps.
He might be a [lacrosse] bag but no one on this thread can touch that resume'...Period
If you don't like him personally then don't send your kid to him. Calling him out just to attack him personally on anonymous site discredits everything you type and no one on here agrees with those remarks. Completely out of line.
whats funny is no one knows who writes what and I bet someone writes [lacrosse] pretending to be some one else.. Its obvious and childless. All these big hits are concern for kids safety like they have been for 30 years. There is also a right way and wrong way about doing something . He might be a lot of things but he is someone that can change safety in the sport, just hopes he finds a better way then whats been happening. (used to be a huge fan until seeing him in person on the field coaching).

thanks for the stats ... FLUFFER!