Not sure how anyone can come on here and bash teams that have dad coaches or a team that consistently WINs year in and year out. With dad coaches whom are more then qualified to be coaches at any level of youth lacrosse. And I could be wrong but I'm pretty sure the top 4 teams in this state have dad coaches,
Dbacks, 89+1, Hawks and Madlax..
Good luck when you leave your team that has daddy ball and move to a better team that doesn't have daddy ball..

It's so comical and flat out sad to bash your own coaches. These sidelines all talk and the REAL community of parents don't want you or your [lacrosse] .

Kudos to API:Dbacks for a good day and beating a team that hasn't lost a tournament game summer and might be the best team out there for 2022. (Might be).,
Not an API parent but a parent on the sideline that enjoys good lacrosse ..