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Now we know why so many kids reclass.....they can't play with the bigger boys.

Leave the kid alone...move your kids to 2023 if they can't handle it. And please take the little kid on one of the teams who screams "ouch" everytime he is touched. Embarrassing.

So what if a kid says ouch sometimes? They're twelve. It's probably just a reaction. I'm sure he'll stop eventually or doesn't even intend to say it. Why do you care? Does he break down and cry, disrupt the game? Every time he is touched -- really? If that is the case, I doubt he'd be on the field. Is your kid on his team? If so, you are a nasty SOB. Sounds to me like you have another issue at play here. What the [lacrosse] is wrong with people? Posting video of other people's kids, shaming them for reacting when they're hurt. You're all a bunch of desperate fools. If you have confidence in yourself and your own kid, you don't have to come on here and rip apart another kid.