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Millon has a point if they play all zone. Like always playing zone in youth hoops. Gotta learn man to man 1st and zone as change of pace or special situation

But I wonder what his corporate partners at T91 in NY think about his tweet. Played Spallina's 2023 Bandit team a few years ago in u9. They were playing backer zone. Couldn't believe it. Think about trying to explain a zone offense in a 30 second timeout to 2nd and 3rd graders.

Also played Millon's Tyker team that year when the penalties were a fast break rather than timed. He had his best player take the ball each time, dodge the point man and the slide to shoot. Unfortunately an effective strategy on my team that day but he certainly was not "getting kids ready for the next level"


Someone posted United played 100% zone also.

And they went undefeated!! What's the problem? Those players are capable of playing man or zone. Great well coached team and well deserved championship. (they beat my sons team)

No one is concearned about reclass, double reclass, guest players or crazy parents? Zone is where we draw the line in the sand??