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These dads obsessed with the Crabs are funny. I've seen club lacrosse for a long time and you guys have no perspective.

Until the Crabs teams become 7th graders, they aren't as dominant as the talent is spread out. But every year, more and more top kids try out for the Crabs.

I have no idea who is the best 2022 team out there (and who really cares?) But you are a fool if you don't think the Crabs 2022 team will be immeasurably better now that it is a MS team. Other kids will try out, some kids will really improve/grow and some kids reclass.

You can hate them, but you have no idea what you're talking about.

no idea , no perspective? you just stated everything that everyone has been saying on here about the crabs. That they really don't start fully recalling until MS. Which only happens in the private schools in b-more. Obsessed is a far cry from what is being said on here too. coming on here trying to defend something you have agreed with is a bit obsessive and typical from the exact parent and team my kids will never be around or play for. However my 12 year old will always get up to play against anyone in this 2022 group even if they are 14 and immeasurably better! Just like when he gets to high school.

no idea? No Perspective? too funny .