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The sad thing is I hear they are doing this with the SAT test now . In private school they can take a extension on the SAT. They don't have to take the test all at ounce if the have note from a doctor . This is crazy ..everybody wants to bend or work the system some how ..The sad part is it's the parents not the kids..

Any public school child can do this as well. It's called an accomodation, and it's so that children with learning differences have an opportunity to be successful taking the SAT or ACT. Don't be a dolt. It has nothing to do with entitlement. Or lacrosse for that matter. Or holding back. It has to do with allowing kids with learning differences to be successful. You nitwit. And it's not exclusive to private school. Geez. The ignorance of people on this site never, ever, ever ceases to amaze me. Get out and talk to some parents of other kids or teachers once in a while.