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Amazing how Crabs made playoffs when the in pool tie breaker went to Igloo and Freedom. If you include the out of pool games (Crabs vs. Lax Factory - B team)), (Freedom vs. Bethesda - AA team), and (Igloo vs. Rising Sons - AA team), only then does Crabs make it. Very shady! Freedom got shafted.

The only reason Lax Factory was playing against AA teams is because Crabs did not "invite" enough AA teams to their tournament.

Crabs can only prop up this 2022 team so long before the replace all of them with holdbacks.

How did freedom get shafted when they lost to Crabs? so not only did Crabs have tiebreaker in goals against and goal differential, but they also won the head to head. Seems fair to me.

Crabs lost to Igloo, Igloo lost to Freedom, Freedom lost to Crabs. What is a fair way to decide who advances? How about goals against for common opponents? Sound fair right? Not to Crabs to played a B level team that should have never been in the AA division while Igloo and Freedom play AA teams straight up.

It wound up the same in the end because Crabs had to play Igloo again and again Igloo beat them easily.