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Lax parents need to be smarter.

If your kid is being recruited to play for another program you may want to ask why?

Is it that they think my son is good and they need him? OR
Is it that they want to weaken a team they have never been able to beat?

Sad when you think your child is needed on the other team and your son barely plays now. (After being a starter and having a big role on the other team)

Sad when he finally does get in the game he looks pretty mediocre and shows no growth.

Pick wisely. The grass isn't always greener.

Parents have to remember that these big programs that carry a lot of kids do so to make money.

Lax parents need to be less clueless.

If a kid leaves your team to play for another team, you might want to ask why.

What exactly is considered a "big program?" A full roster? The ability to sub?

PSA: if you want to rebuild a fledgling program, you get more flies with honey than vinegar.

Sometimes the grass is greener.

I love the big programs only want money statement. Yes the big clubs are more for and about money. But guess what you do get what you pay for is 99% of the cases. Yes most of the top clubs skim and charge 400 to 600 more then they really need to. But these clubs have the pull to play in the top tournaments and also to make sure your son if good enough or really if he is not good enough to get them into these top showcases. I have friends with 2019 kids on the cheap clubs and on the big money clubs. And the kids on the big money club have the pick of the litter when it comes to showcases and college camp days. We can agree these are/might be money grabs but you have the option when you play for a big club.

Showcases and day camps? You talking about prospect camps?

Those invites have nothing to do with your club team. Most are money grabs too. All players recieve those invites. Some are actually getting a legit look others are used as filler players so the ones that are really there for a look have someone to play against.

What do you think is the likelihood that a recruiter will see your son play when there are multiple games being played at the same time at these tournaments?

No offense, but you're off the mark here. This person above is just bitter grapes. When the season ends, and your team loses players like a stab victim loses blood, take a look at the coaches and families on your team. There's your problem. Nobody wants to spend a year in a sea of negativity and in-fighting. Just isn't worth it no matter whether you're always winning or the kid is a starter. NO FUN.