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If you play zone in youth lacrosse, you have completely given up on teaching the defensive skills that kids will need to play high school lacrosse. If your kid is on a team that plays zone, your kid is not being taught and you should look for a new home.

That's a ridiculous statement.

Not really. Zone isnt the best way to get gameday man to man defense for youth .
If your youth team is using Zone for all of its games. You arent getting the skills that a man to man defense would for young players.
There is time for Zone, man down, a vastly fast superior team . ...but it should be limited as anyone with any common sense knows man to man is a better way to teach youth the right defensive skills.
On a side note..The MIAA teams played much more Zone this year than I have seen in years.

So lets look at this full circle does the team in question only run a base boring basic zone 100% of the time or did they just use it to win a big game?