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Trust me, I get why a parent would holdback a kid. I have 2 kids with summer birthdays and if I had to do it over again, I would with mine. However, both are starters on 2 different playoff high end teams and are both the 3rd youngest on their teams. So if you are good enough, you play up or at age. If i held them back tomorrow. I wouldn't want them to move down, it would hurt both of them lacrosse wise. Yeah, they would probably be the best or top 3 on their squads but so what. They will get better being the 3rd best middie on their current team

What you say is exactly what will be happening with many parents and players due to this grade based teams at Youth level.
If you had to do over again you would hold them back. I actually dont blame you. Why should your children be at a disadvantage age wise when many parents decide to hold their child back either at prefirst or 8th grade.
All parents are seeing the effects of other people holding their child back.Soon it will be normal to have many teams full of holdbacks. This ridiculous way to do Youth sports.