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Where 3d blew it and Team 91 will blow it is neither centered in Southern Maryland. As a prior poster noted the best strategy is to be somewhere 30 mins south of Baltimore, 30-40 minutes from Annapolis and 20 minutes away from Montgomery County and 40 minutes away from Fairfax County.

Lots of people would exercise a choice and you could draw some people from all those areas and incubate a good club. Setting up shop in Leesburg Virginia was stupid for 3d and alienated the families of the better players they were able to attract. Setting up a me-too version of Madlax or VLC in Fairfax County is equally stupid, and setting up a me-too version of Crabs or FCA in Baltimore is likely the most stupid thing which is what Team 91 is about to do. I see more of the same reading that they are doing tryouts in early August in Baltimore burbs.

It's a loser strategy right out of the box. 3d just blew it. Nobody wants to drive to Leesburg to play with the Battlelax and PVI leftovers. That's a shame considering they have a platform to be a success but just a terrible execution strategy. Ditto with Team 91 Maryland...that will be exciting for about 3 months.

No a shot I'm trekking over to southern maryland from fairfax county. I'd rather drive out to leesburg.