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What does everyone think the impact Team 91 MD will have on all the other local clubs?

The impact will be that the Baltimore clubs will become even more diluted and even the best clubs will get a little worse..... LaxWorld, Rock, Wolfpack, Crabs, Breakers, FCA, Looney's, Kooper's, Greene Turtle, etc.

Strong clubs from out of state have tried to crack this scene before and didn't last long..... 3D, United, ???

I would not jump from a club you are happy with thinking 91 will be any better in their 1st year.

they could be strong at 2020. Breakers coach at that grade already listed on 91 website. Breakers were among the top 4-5 in MD at 2020. will be interesting to see if all players follow. Breakers is one of the most expensive in balt. Will 91 be more?