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If YJA gets it’s act together they have the deepest and most talented team. That’s a big “if”. Once they also begin to accept and respect that there are other quality teams, that may help them as a team in the long run.

FLG has a very talented and team oriented squad but not deep at all. If they add a few pieces and they continue to play as they do, they will always be in the conversation.

YJB continues to be the big surprise and continue to play extremely well and seem to be extremely well coached whether at tournaments or the prep going into tournaments.

Haven’t seen TG play at all this year. I’m sure they have a very good squad.

TG may be the best settled play defensive team on the island. They are incredibly fundamental, almost no drops and they clear the ball incredibly efficiently - they move the ball fast and never try to clear by running through defenders.. Strong on transitiol offense. Starting goalie is as good as starters on YJA or YJB.

To get to YJA or FLG level, they need to improve on the draw circle and get a couple more attackers who can create their own shot.

Most of their offense is based on a couple plays -- a "sweep" and and "clear out". Better defenses will see this coming a mile away. If I was a backup attacker on YJA or one of the stars of YJB, I would be at TG tryouts in a second.

TG could beat FLG right now and give YJA a run for their money. Should have beat M&D but got hosed at the end.

Did they add girls since fall? They have some ugly losses, Prime Time, Monster, TEAM 180, HHH Philly, Cav Lax? I mean that's not a top-10 team resume.

Looked very good at Lax for Cure though,

Never really had a full team in the spring due to a combo of missing for other sports (soccer) and Covid. I think only 14 or 15 travelled to MA showcase (with many starters out).