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Truly sad or remarkable that YJ A has to travel several states just to get some comp. Rest of talent on LI is diluted amongst the many programs.

I think on the whole the talent level at the 27 level is lower than the previous few classes on LI, especially the 26s. This is not to say that they aren't great players on YJA and other top teams who will play D-1. There clearly are.

However, when you compare Top Guns Black and Jesters Black or even YJB their teams at the age level from the previous 2 years, it isn't close. For me this shows a lack of depth


Most interesting game was LI Elite spring league will be YJB vs. YJ 28A. Heard the 28s beat them in a scrimmage in the fall. If they win, or even if it is a very competitive game, that says a ton about the depth of this class.