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Well coached? A draw girl and goalie can make any coach look like a genius.

Well something has to be going right if the teams small roster can deliver them good wins against top 10 teams. YJA has absolutely phenomenal players on their team but still could not convert against FLG. Why? Because FLG coaching, I think that FLG really took time to realize what they need to beat them, that’s good coaching. YJA mommy and daddy coaching is not going to work in the near future, that is why they are struggling. Probably 15 players on play on that team and other girls (who are very good) ride the bench. FLG is definitely not made up of the one very good and tall draw girl and the goalie who is also very good. The team has a very good middie line and two great X attackers. The defense also seems to be solid.

FLG needs a few more players. Can't sustain with 15 players. Especially during tourney season.[/quote]

Ultimately for FLG to be competitive nationally, they need a couple things to happen

1) Upgrade their schedule. Top player won't go or stay if they aren't playing in all top competition

2) Get some top players from Liberty and Jesters. Both teams have 3 or 4 players who would immediately make FLG better. Assume FLG loses 2 or 3 to YJA, they need to more than replacement them.