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How much training does your daughter do outside of club practices and her own workouts? Privates? Groups? Clinics? Pick up leagues? Many of the clinics out there seem like money grabs and half the time is spent waiting around. Trying to figure out the ideal mix at this age.

my take from a father who has had two daughters go on to next level (1 top 25 D1, another top NESCAC) and a highly rated 24.

Lots will depend on your club team and how much they practice Obv some teams practice much more than others. Beyond that, most important is to get wall ball nearly every day engrained (at least 4 days per week; 30-40 minutes per session).

Beyond that I would focus on stick work and agility training, depending on your daughters needs. (skip agility if she plays multiple sports). Ideally stick work should be position-based but this gets more important later. If she take the draw, some dedicated draw work is important too. Biggest goal at this level should be 1) ability to shoot and pass on multiple levels (high,middle,low) 2) no difference between right and left hands and 3) footwork on (a variety of) dodges

Personally think most clinics and pickup leagues are wastes of time developmentally, but your daughter enjoys them don't stop her.

From what i've seen, its the agility part, where i've seen lots of LI girls get behind. Though there are plenty of exceptions, i think defensive footwork at the top LI clubs is a well behind that at the top MD clubs.

Hope this helps.

Super helpful info, thank you. Advice makes so much sense. Wall ball does make all the difference. Trick is making it a habit nearly every day.

Glad you found it helpful. One more point about wall ball. have your daughter focus on quality not quanity.

Too much wall ball is about getting max reps in a minute, 5 minutes, etc. The result is lots of flat footed reps with no football.

Focus on getting good footwork on every rep. 100 high quality reps are better than 1000 flat footed ones.