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As an outsider, who is thinking about travel lax.....there seems to be an over abundance of discussion with YJ. Good and bad. How do they match up against Long Island teams? wins/loses

I wouldn’t base my decision on an organization solely based on wins and losses. There was a lot of movement this year so some of the teams that are on that list will get better & some will be worse and teams that aren’t on the list yet may make it this year. Take everything on this page with a grain of salt. Lots of smack talk and disgruntled parents. Invest time in going to see some games. Talk to parents with kids on the team. Being a bench player on an A team isn’t worth the time and money. Being on a B team isn’t always bad. You want your kid to get better year over year and get time on the field. YJ has some strong teams. But at what cost? They seem to only play their top 14 or so and carry 24 on a roster. FLG is the same. Sure they both win a lot but half the team sits. Liberty was next in the ranks but lost a lot of top talent this year because of nonsense that went on. Empire and Elevate added talent because people have had enough of the nonsense in other organizations. Jesters has 3 teams. 2 which some will say aren’t competitive and are straight money grabs. S2S is new to the arena but went from 1 2027 team to 2. They added some solid coaches and seem to be up and coming. Pick what fits your kid and your lifestyle. Is she a 1 sport kid? Does she want to be at lax practice 4 days a week? Do you want to pay extra for “voluntary” practices. Are you ok with tournaments away every weekend in the summer? Do the research.