Honest question though for FLG players -- what is the rationale behind not playing any highly competitive Fall tourneys?

YJA, YJB, TG will likely play 16-20 fall games against top-20 quality opposition. FLG will play zero. Can't see how that helps player development.[/quote]

Why do you care what these girls do? Is this the kind of thing you think about at night? Those girls play great, not good, lacrosse, have fun and will get the chance to play ( if they want) in high school and possibly college. They have played many of the top 10 teams at one point of another and have had success. They have a small roster with room for some good players to go there. The real question is if you are a bench player or a player looking for a better experience at either a TG or YJ , why wouldn’t you try out at either FLG or Liberty or Jesters where maybe your daughter will have more chance to grow?