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That’s an odd response. If YJ A is such a dominant team their prime bench and end of the roster players should be able to come in and continue the dominant play as they would be starters on every other club on LI. Some of the other programs, including FLG Navy don’t have the depth on the sidelines as you will find on all of the YJ teams so they have no choice but to play whomever is available and in shape at any given tournament.

The point is the first 12-14 players on YJA are by far the class of the island. Really no difference between YJA Bench, TG starters, FLG starters, Jesters starters or any other team on the island.

I think the only other metro NYC team which could challenge them is Prime Time. However, prime time tends to start slow in the summer as a result of not playing as a unit in the spring.