Former Jesters parent here for a girl who is now a 24.

I think the Jesters leadership honestly cared which is more than i can say for some other LI clubs. Their supplement programming is as good as any club on the island and close to the level that you see in the top WestChester / CT and Upstate programs.

The challenge with the club is that it is incredibly decentralized at the team level. Every coach is empowered to do with own thing and there is no consistancy between teams even at the same age group. As a result, whenever coaches changed you were going back to ground zero. Top girls from B teams would get promoted and be lost in the offense.

Out only other challenge was roster size. They intentionally pick more girls than needed because they know they will lose some to other clubs, usually YJ. So one year we ended up with 25 on the roster, another year we had 17 or 18.

We left 2 years ago but honestly wish the club nothing but the best. I think if their leadership got more hands on in the operations of the teams, installed a similar offense and defense strategy across all teams, this team could consistently compete with YJ and TG.