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What is the Ohana lacrosse club? Is it brand new? Who runs it?

Looks brand new on the girls side. I have never heard of it on the boys side either. I would have to do some more research. I wouldn’t necessarily count a new club out. S2S started with one boys team and in just a few short years have built that program out. Their girls side started with just 3 teams and now some of the years already have 2 teams. Pick an organization that fits your kid. Don’t be on an A team just to say she plays on an A team. If she doesn’t get to play that won’t help her improve. Some clubs are really hardcore. Will that incentivize her or burn her out? Do you want to travel off LI every weekend or are you good with more local tournaments. I have older kids so have been through this from start to finish. Understand your kids end game. Do they want to be a d1 commit? Or do you want them to be a d1 commit? Full rides are not a thing. If you are banking on a scholarship you may be disappointed. My daughter plays because she loves the game. We picked a team that matched her personality. If she plays in college because she wants to great. That will be up to her. Don’t let the crazy stink you in! Some of the parents are living vicariously through their kids.