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To be accurate for this age group, it’s YJ Grazadei, flg Navy then a pretty big drop off, liberty black, empire, YJ gaghan, TG black then a drop off, elevate, YJ Palermo, legacy, jesters, then a drop off for anyone else like blue devils, 91bandits and the b teams. And tradition is prob in the second grouping, but not sure if they count bc they’re just GC. Will be interesting to see if pieces shuffled around this summer and any changes among the top teams. MY guess is grazadei gets stronger

Genuine question as this is our first kid going through lax on LI (in a younger age group) If you are on GC tradition in the second grouping, is it worth trying to get on onto a YJ/ tier 1 team or is the name of the game playing time hoping for the coaches to get our team to big tournaments. Thanks!