#9 FLG NAVY (Fall 2021 #8)
The 2027 Team carries this entire Club on it’s shoulders and they are doing an incredible job with it and are not phased. They have been very well coached for years. They have always played well as a Team and seem to show up in the big moments WHEN they are put in the right tournaments. Parents and doubters alike always question the tournament choices of this Club. It is always healthy though to see your daughter prove out the hard work and go win some tournaments. This Team has produced some great players and lost a few goods ones this year. The Team seemed to show up this Fall as strong as ever despite losing a top goalie and strong middie to YJA and a good attacker to Top Guns. They battled YJA hard this fall as they always do in Queen of the Island tournaments. It will be fun to see if they can pull off the upset in the Spring. Another positive and what lures some families, is the attachment to LILJ. LILJ has done a great job trying to get as much content as possible across all levels of the game on Long Island. Every parent and player likes to read about out their daughter/themselves in the local rags. Marketing is a key strength of this program. And they are now creating “Select” Teams that will mean something to a lot of people. But FLG has produced talent at this level. But we are fortunate to be able to say that about all of the top 6 Club Teams on Long Island.

Cons: Parents fearful they won’t play in the right tournaments when the girls are older. How much is that the case these days and do you have to worry about it when you have a really good Team? Are you telling me TRADITION 2027 won’t get into top tournaments in a few years. That Team has put a TON of hard work in this Fall Season and have looked aggressive and prepared every time they stepped on the field. The other complaint about FLG NAVY is who is actually coaching the players during the week. Is this really an issue when the Team always seems disciplined and strong when they are put in the “right” tournaments.

Lax by the sea
Live Love Lax
Maryland Cup
Northern Rise

Team got better, tourneys got better.