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In Nassau you also have Elevate, Empire and FLG, Suffolk your missing Legacy, Blue Devils and 91/Bandits. For the most part this is a pretty competitive age group, where YJ Graz and FLG are at the top currently.

Take it with a grain of salt, but looking at US Club Rankings for LI at end of last season, heres where the LI teams ended up in the top 100:
#6 YJ Graz
#9 FLG Navy
#20 Liberty Black
#30 Empire
#31 YJ Gaghan
#36 Top Gun
#45 Jesters
#46 Elevate
#70 Blue Devils
#71 YJ Palermo
#72 Legacy
#80 LI Rush
#86 FLG White
#90 91/Bandits

Knowing those teams, unless something changed from last year, YJ Graz, YJ Gaghan, FLG Navy, Liberty Black, and Empire all have current or former Varsity coaches coaching those teams. I'm unsure who coaches the other teams so I can't speak about them, but in all cases there are a ton of good girls at this age playing quality lacrosse, and that's a great thing!

Thanks for the list. Nice to see teams in Nassau ranked. The trek to suffolk is rough