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Prime Time parent here. Lost by 1 to YJ yesterday. Will fully admit YJ had 10 of the 12 best players on the field. Their skill sticks and athleticism were at a different level. That said, they had no real ideas on offense other than a few isolation plays. Don't know much about the program but it seems like at least one of the following was true. 1) the team never practices 2) there is no real coaching going on or 3) the players just reject the coaching and do as they please.

This surprised me because I also have a daughter at a higher age level and would never say this about older YJ teams.

Have to believe that if nothing improves they would be rolled by top Maryland teams against whom they don't have a big talent advantage.

I would freely admit if coaching were switched and they played to win they would probably win 14-1.

Impressive result for Prime Time. Did you guys add more talent? Girls clicking? We played you multiple times last year. You def have 2-3 real good players who seem to be able to score at will.[/quote]

We had some upgrades on the back end of the roster, but the core of the team is the same. We implemented our motion offense and defensive principles last year and the girls didn't really get it or ran away from it when it got tough. As a result, we had a few very good performances and but were mostly mediocre. Our biggest improvements has been on settled play defense and getting transition opportunities on the clear.