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My daughter is on YJ. Let me tell you it’s a disfunctional mess. Parents only confide in their small circles but there are many small groups dissing coaches, players, second guessing. Parent coaches kids start and never come off. Everyone eye rolls especially if you’re a left attacker or a midfielder. The assistant now head coach is looking over his shoulder at the former head coach, now the assistant. The now head coach spent the last year calling parents to make his case. Now he has the top job. Nice guy but a daddy first and lacrosse coach second. We have too many girls on the team. Pressure will build to win at all costs which means 15 girls will barely see the field come next summer. It’s only October and the sideline has the pressure cooker feeling of a recruiting event in July. I (and several others) secretly hope for the team to lose so there is a clean sweep of the coaching staff. Good group of girls but drama drama drama.

They need to do away with the parent coaching and 28 girl rosters !!! If that’s the type of club you are on… and not one of the top 12 players…. Get off of it, and find another team where your daughter will be happy and actually play! There are plenty of opportunities and clubs.