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Any predictions for this weekend at Lax for the Cure.

- Can YJ A win it all or at least make the semis?
- Will Top Guns or Gaghan win their group and make playoffs?
- WIll Legacy win a game?
- WIll it take more than an hour to find a parking spot mid-day Saturday?

YJA at worst will be 2-2. BLC going to be a lot for them to handle. Hero's trying to beat them again is going to be tough.
Neither Top Guns (Coppermine or MDU) nor Gaghan (Pride) is going to win their group but both "could" make playoffs.
Legacy "could" beat TEAM ONE or TEAM 180 if things go right.
Parking is going to stink, as usual.

Pretty nice picks

YJA looked strong in pool play. Surprisingly it was their defense that let them down in the playoffs against Steps CA

Nice call on Top Guns. Their defense and goalie looked awesome. They are two offensive players away from really being able to compete against anyone

YJB is probably the best coached team on the island. Truly greater than the sum of its parts. You watch them and don’t think they have a chance but don’t make mistakes, capitalize on opponent mistakes and don’t miss open shots

Legacy had no business playing in this group period. They thugged it up to keep some games relatively close but are nowhere near an A level team

Parked by the police department and got out in 20 minutes both days

Congrats to Aces. Their star #2 is the best 7th grader I have seen in many years. I bet YJA is doing everything they can to get her to move over.

From the M&D family. Congrats to Aces. Always a dogfight and today was no different. Congrats on grinding out the win and winning in OT. You guys were awesome.