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Watching YJ A play my daughter's team yesterday, the biggest thing I noticed was not stick-skills, IQ or coaching (I'm not saying they didn't have talent, they did).

It was physical maturity. In 7th grade, some girls are girls and some are young women. YJ had a lot of young women and the difference was very obvious.

Agreed. What usually sets youth YJ teams apart is physical maturity, speed and shooting abiilty. Lots of team have really good stickwork, but no youth teams shoot like YJ.

I dont think the 27s have the speed of past YJ youth teams, but there size (especially in midfield) and shooting ability is second to none. Not as much speed on this team. Not to say they are slow, but the last two YJ A teams could just fly past opponents when they were in 7th grade.

YJ teams have the physically mature teams and No youth teams shoot like YJ. They are second to none. Is this your first go-round in wlax?? Cmon man!!! Are you serious ?? This will be a fun thread to watch in the future.